Android & IOS

Mobile APP requirements often come for implementing a storefront or location based services. Order Taking, Social Networking APP's are also booming in India. Most of leading restaurants moved their menus to Tablets. Most Organisations have their own Mobile APPS. Whatever your requirements may be, we can either undertake the work or atleast direct you to a solution.


Android & IOS  Mobile APP Development

Android app development vs iOS is determined by design guideline systems that determine the look and feel of apps. While designing for Android, you'll have to adhere to Material Design, the iOS' developer guide book will be the Human Interface Guidelines. For Apple, the content of the app has priority over design.

Requirement Collection

We will write down the requirements told by the client and categorise the requirements into various modules.
In some cases, We may visit client site inorder to understand existing system.

Feasibility & Re-usability Check

We develop ERP Software with help of Web Technologies and Software will be used in a Browser such as Google Chrome.

We will check whether all requirements could be implemented purely with Web technologies or not. After feasibility checks we will check whether any existing modules could be used in project for reducing client's investment in the project. If the requirements were general in nature, there wont be any feasibility checks.

Budget Planning & Funding

After feasibility checks we will give an estimted project cost to the client.
Project will be started after 50% payment + GST 18% of the estimated project cost is released by the client.


Coding & Interface design happens in this phase.
Most projects are done using PHP , its frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap front end framework.

In House Testing

Project is tested by us for its completeness & Usability.

Demo Online Hosting

Project is Hosted on a Test Server. 20% of payment is released in this phase.

Client Testing

Project demo is used by the client Onsite.

Final Tweaks

Minor Changes recommended by the clients will be made. For larger requirements it will be implemented after Initial requirement completion and by requoting the Project Cost.


Deployment of the project is done to Production Servers or in situ Computer. Final Payment is released. 65% Cost of additional requirements if any is also collected at this phase.